While this may seem stupid

  • Player safety issues are important. From strikers alone, what changes should they make in array alignment will be safer? Now most of the strikers play the array arrayed like a sprint run and put their hands on the ground for a more powerful start to Madden Mobile Coins the finish line. What if the striker's players were all required to stand up instead of putting their hands on the ground?


    While this may seem stupid, this change will minimize the number of strikers striking the head. Of course, this may also occur a variety of unexpected results, the most obvious of which is unable to effectively block, or may not reduce the impact on the head injury. In spite of this, I still wonder if such an approach is feasible.


    Changing the penalties for malicious fouls only in one game at a professional bowl does not really give enough sense of whether the sanctions can deter players. But this may help NFL coalition judges make a more correct choice, allowing them to accurately and consistently make the expeller penalty.