As the popularity of the NBA has risen

  • As the popularity of the NBA has risen, it has become more and more difficult for media reporters in front of the media to interview players, coaches and top teams. The reason is self-evident: there are more and more reporters pouring into the NBA arena and the competition among themselves is becoming more and more intense. With the time and resources of respondents basically constant, it is unavoidable that they are "overcrowded." In addition, due to the interviewees generally attach more importance to the exposure of the media in the United States, the degree of NBA Live Coins cooperation with the international media is somewhat different.


    In addition, all live coverage of the NBA's international media, Zhang Weiping represented by CCTV and Tencent sports and even more special. All around the world, all other international media are either focused on reporting only the teams where their national players are located or they only come to the scene in such key events as the All-Star and Finals. As CCTV and Tencent Sports go deep into the league 30 balls Team, all season with the team in the "forefront" personal coverage of the international media, only two worldwide.


    Precisely because of the relatively "scarcity" of such reporting methods, the demands of alliance teams on the coverage of these two Chinese media reports are still not sufficiently understood and there is a lack of corresponding cooperation experience. Each program has to be a separate operation, in NBA China, NBA headquarters and the team experienced a long process of approval, objectively also make the interview process becomes lengthy and tedious.