As a weak side of the team

  • As a weak side of the team, when facing Chelsea not only need to FIFA Coins beware of Azar, Pedro et al. Smart tearing and high prizes of small law, but also beware of Aspire Li Quota, once the Spaniards appear in the restricted area High, must intervene in the pass at the same time, personal mark Morata, otherwise, will pay the bloody price.


    Taking the lead and relaxing later is an unforgivable mistake for the team that aspires to the title race. Therefore, the evaluation of a team is mature and can be competitive, the important indicator is whether the team continues to play well in the leading situation to retain the victory. Combined with the "Istanbul Miracle" and last week's Manchester United offensive Leicester City in the fight against more than one opponent to take full account of the case, this lead after the focus even more precious.