Into the third quarter

  • Into the third quarter, the first two minutes and 15 seconds, Jack assists, Mike hit three-point long shots. The first 10 minutes and 4 seconds, O'Neal fouled shots in NBA Live Coins Nuwara, gave the Bulls two free throws. 11 minutes and 59 seconds, Nuwaba handball lost, steals by Beasley. Three finished, this section rated at 73-71, the Knicks temporarily lead.


    The fourth quarter, the first 5 minutes and 57 seconds, McDermott slip the ball, was Valentine steals. 8 minutes and 59 seconds, Miroticitch pass, Justin - Hollotti three-point long shot. 11 minutes and 36 seconds, Nilkina shooting foul in Nuwaba, gave the Bulls two free throws. Knicks launched a frenzied attack on the rebounds, this section grabbed 19 rebounds total, including six offensive rebounds, which Porzingisi Ji contributed three rebounds per person. The game ended, the Bulls beat the Knicks 90-87 to seal the victory.