Harden consecutive end of the game a cap

  • The Celtics crazy counterattack continues, Nene made a layup, Horford turned jumper, Rozir raided the third, 86-87, the two sides only 1 minute difference. Harden shot long shot, Tatum surprise layup, Tucker and Smarty each had 2 points, the two sides are still only 2 points. Gordon Tatum blocked shots, Owen made two free throws, 91-92. Harden 3 minutes before the end of the game 2 minutes 03 seconds, Irving throwing hit the hit board.


    Harden consecutive end of the game a cap, but the Celtics are also busy on the wrong side. Tuck made two free throws, Smart hit two points, Harden made two free throws, the Rockets had the victory has been set, the Celtics hit two consecutive consecutive points, Harden actually appeared at the last minute no ball pushed foul, Horford succeed go-ahead storm, rockets overturned by the opponent's magic.


    According to ESPN reports, today the rocket suffered a reversal in the case of NBA Live Coins a leading 26 points, eventually losing 98-99 on the road to the Celtics. Only two referees in this game, after the game rocket headed star James - Harden talked about this issue, he said it is unacceptable.