Manchester United coaching in the first season

  • Manchester United's coaching in the first season, won the League Cup and the Champions League, the Mussina's Red Devils League ranked only 6th finally accepted by Manchester United up and down. But in the second season, while spending as much as Manchester City, Manchester United was thrown off as much as 15 points and competed against Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal for much less. , If Mike Mussina can not lead Manchester United to lock the Champions League seats this season, it will be a disaster.


    Ibrahimovic, 36, accused the Swedish media in an interview, saying "Today, they (the Swedish media) will still attack me because they did not accept me as Ibrahimovic. If the other players committed the same as me Then the media will support them, and when things happen to  FIFA Coins me, the media will not stand on my side, but it does not matter, it will make me more powerful. "