This may be Zhou Yong last Dakar Rally

  • This may be Zhou Yong last Dakar Rally, "the news published in the January 1" People's Daily ", although not confirmed by Zhou Yong himself, but this year, Yong once again set foot on this two years up to Before the race, he said that if the last time he was running for his best friend Xu Lang, this time he wished to forget his first thoughts and make breakthroughs to run himself once. The connotation in the context is very rich, but at Did not get rid of LOLGA  the conclusion before Zhou Yong confirmed.


    Zhou Yong was born in 1969 has been known to the fate of the year, in the past year we can see from the veteran who worked hard, he even participated in China GT, the highest level of the GT sports car championship, And won several titles, the Silk Road Rally and Dakar China Station two competitions, although unsatisfactory results, but out of the performance to comprehend the happiness and enjoyment of the car is not the realm of ordinary people.