Just like Haunted Hallows

  • Just like Haunted Hallows, demography allotment in Frosty Fest will acquire you bound time currency, this time alleged Snowflakes, which is becoming for commutual any and all types of online matches. You can banknote in those Snowflakes during the accident for themed items like albino timberline decals and peppermint tires as pictured below. Additionally, a bound time crate will be accessible and afresh the crate can be purchased with the timed bill or bought complete if you ambition to Rocket League Trading skip the line.


    The capacity of the crates are still randomized, of course.If you yield allotment in Frosty Fest, don't overlook to banknote in your Snowflakes, as they expire with the accident on January 2nd.If you’re an ardent amateur of Rocket League and you ambition to get into the ceremony spirit, afresh this may absorption you. Today, developer Psyonix acutely arise Frosty Fest, an in-game accident for the accepted e-sports bold that actualization a ton of winter-themed content.