This is a big step towards the league championship

  • Juventus striker Higuain believes that this is a big step towards FIFA Coins the league title after a 2-0 win over Florence.

    At Frankie Field, Bernaddeski hit the ball free kick before Higuain single-handedly killed the game, in the case of the first round to help the Bianconeri boarded the championship standings.

    "It has never been easier to win here," Tobacco told Sky Sports after the game, "We did not play a flashy game, but we did not concede. We won and I think this is the league title A big step forward. "

    "I expected the goal of Bernardideski? Yes, I am very happy for him."

    When asked by Premium Sport about his goals, Higuain replied: "It's always important and I've been calm."