Valverde League still need to go all out

  • Baraard, the Bara coach, rates the draw after Getafe FIFA Coins played Getafe: "We played less actively in the first half, we played a lack of continuity in the match, and the opponent's strategy was very successful , Cut off the connection between our few lines.We should have played more continuity, to create more threats to each other's defense, but in the end we failed to do.Our original goal is to take all three points , But did not, but 1 point is also an increase of points.We have just reached the King's Cup final, the league match we have to play well, but no one can win all the games in the next league we can not be taken lightly You must go all out. "

    Baraid finally said: "We have been waiting for this week long, we have a very tight schedule throughout January, we need to rest and then prepare for the match between Eibar and the Champions League. At the top of the standings, but there is no final conclusion, we have a long way to go. "

    For Debrecen, who came back from the game, Valverde commented: "I was in Debrecen at the time thinking he could help the team, which was his first match after he recovered from injury. Levin is not lucky today, his one-on-one ability, he should play his strengths. "

    For the Champions League match against Chelsea, Valverde looks to: "I've seen a lot of things about Chelsea since the lottery came out, and of course the team has a dedicated technical analyst to take care of the piece. We have a lot of competition, we have to prepare one by one, and then our most important task is next weekend against Eibar League.